Why Would I Need Porcelain Veneers? You have been working hard every day at work. Putting in the time, pushing the papers, making sure that every detail is always looked at to the fullest. You are constantly working overtime, and trying to go that “extra mile” for your clients. And you are hoping that…

  New Year—New Smile You know it is coming. You can see people buying the confetti at the super market. The televisions are all set to the same channel. And you have to decide where you are going to ring in the New Year.It is the beginning of 2012 and you have a lot of…

  Dr. Ansarian and Your Smile You sit at your desk chair at work and stare out the window. You start to type away at your keyboard as you crank out the latest business reports. All of a sudden, your boss walks over to your desk. “You have been doing some great work,” she says….

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