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Your resume is edited and printed. Your business suit is dry-cleaned and hanging on the front of your closet door. You feel ready for the day, ready to ace this job interview, and start a new chapter of your life.You head to the mirror to take one final glance over your entire look. Shoes—check. Suit—check. Smile—negative check. You can see the hole from a missing tooth just peeking out of the back of your smile. “This is really not ideal,” you think to yourself, as you scoop your resume up and head out the door.

For those of you who have a single tooth missing, or multiple teeth which need to be replaced, then you do not need to hide your smile any more. You can have a permanent solution that allows you to chew better, speak better, and smile without hesitation. The answer lies in dental implants, and Dr. Ansarian has the knowledge and skills to make your smile become the brightest it can possibly be.

What is a Dental Implant?
A dental implant is a “root” device that is made from titanium and inserted in the bone below your gum tissue. Because this procedure does not require healthy teeth to be grinded down to serve as posts for a crown or bridge, dental implants save more tooth and result in less bone loss.

At Dr. Ansarian’s Toronto office, there are three different types of dental implant technologies that are available. The first is just a temporary dental implant. The temporary device is used as a short-term crown while you wait for a permanent implant to be created. This allows for the dental laboratory to create an implant that is perfectly suited towards your mouth shape and size, so it is custom fitted for you.

The second type of dental implant is a two-stage dental implant. This implant is secured in the jaw bone while soft tissue is then sutured over the implant. In the second portion of the procedure, Dr. Ansarian exposes the head of the implant and then the restoration is secured in place.

A single-stage dental implant makes only one procedure necessary, instead of two. A longer implant is used, and the head of the implant is exposed at the soft tissue level. Because the head is exposed during the first procedure, no second operation is required.

Both single and two-stage dental implants have success rates at 98 percent. Those are good odds when you are thinking about your own dental health. Not only will you have a beautiful smile from dental implants, but you can experience better chewing, speaking, and improved confidence.

To evaluate if dental implants could be right for you, call our office today at 416-340-8800! During a consultation, Dr. Ansarian will be able to discuss your tooth replacement options with you, and decide if dental implants are a good fit for you. Don’t wait for the smile that you deserve—call us today!

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