Dental Implants and You
Do you remember what it was like to lose a tooth when you were a little kid. You would rush to your parents, showing your mom and dad your newly acquired treasure. The little white tooth would remain nestled in your palm until bedtime. Then the tooth was transferred underneath your pillow, as you eagerly tried to stay awake to catch the tooth fairy delivering your treasure. In the morning you were greeted with a shiny new coin, that could only make your toothless smile grow even bigger.

But today as an adult, having teeth missing is not something to smile about. If you have a tooth missing, then you might even feel embarrassed about ever smiling.

You should not have to feel this way any longer, and with Dr. Ansarian available, you can have the smile you have been dreaming of with the help of dental implants.

But what are dental implants, and how can they help to restore your smile? The answers and plenty of information can be found below, so keep reading!

What is a Dental Implant?
Dental implants are simply defined as an artificial root that can hold a replacement tooth. Instead of using dentures or bridges to add teeth to your mouth, dental implants are placed within the bone to give you the most natural look and feel to a tooth that is possible.

The benefits of implant dentistry are astounding. The implants look natural, and they provide improved comfort in day-to-day chewing. Speaking can even be improved with the addition of teeth that were once missing.

Not only are the esthetic features about dental implants noteworthy, but the overall improvements to your health are also astonishing. Replacing missing teeth can help prevent jaw disorders and TMJ. Periodontal disease risk can also be reduced with the help of dental implants, as gums are protected with new porcelain teeth.

Dental implants are also ‘tooth-saving,’ as implants do not rely on other teeth for support. Instead of using both crowns and bridges to replace a tooth, one titanium device can be inserted and deliver brilliant results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?
If you are now thinking about dental implants as a possible option for yourself, then you should come to Ansarian Dental Care for an evaluation. During the consultation, all of your choices will be considered and the best one will be selected for you.

Typically, the best candidates for dental implants include patients with:
Tooth loss—if you do not have a tooth, or multiple missing, then you do not need dental implants!
Healthy gums

An adequate amount of bone to complete the procedure–The implant needs to be inserted into jawbone, so if you do not have enough bone for the implant, other options might be considered.
Have a complete understanding of the procedure—all of your questions regarding the procedure will be discussed with Dr. Ansarian, so you will feel confident moving forward!

Now imagine smiling freely. No hesitation. No hiding your teeth. Instead of hiding, you could be smiling continuously. If this sounds like the life that you would like to lead, give Dr. Ansarian a call today at 416-340-8800!

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